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Waste & Rubbish Removal Sydney

One2Dump Rubbish Removals – an eco-friendly and first class waste removal company, helps many residents and businesses to clear away unwanted waste. We provide rubbish removal for your home, office or industrial complex. No job too big or too small. We service all of Sydney and the Northern Beaches.



Looking for an efficient & reliable residential waste collection facility with best after service support? One2Dump Rubbish Removals is the company to choose!

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Are you relocating your business and wondering what to do with all the unwanted rubbish? Our fully qualified commercial waste clearance services can help you remove the piled up load between the furniture and fixtures.

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Once a construction project is completed, the site is full of hazardous materials. Nullify the risk by calling us for construction waste removal and let our experts do the work in eco-friendly way.

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With garden maintenance comes great green waste. One2Dump Rubbish Removals are here to clean all your garden waste.

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About us

One2Dump Rubbish Removals is a local family owned business serving people of Sydney Northern beaches area. Not only we provide rubbish removal service to households, but we also help you get rid of commercial and industrial waste.

We have a great team of professionals to convert heavy task in a fast and safe operation, which you will trust from the moment you see our way of working.

Our standards are high and prices are affordable, just as you want it to be. If you wish to get a helping hand in removing waste from your home or any other place, give us a call.

What our Clients say

One 2 dump Rubbish is prompt and reliable . Josh not only got rid of all the rubbish but affordable . I highly recommend them to anyone wanting their rubbish removed.

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Awesome service fast reliable and clean in their service very highly recommended.

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Very professional showed up on time removed all my rubbish without a fuss highly recommend this company.

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What A Load Of Rubbish

I have more rubbish than I can handle. It won’t even fit in the bin. What can I do?

How about you try a wheelie bin? These are common complaints, that often lead to calling us for a pickup. If you have ever thought that just having some extra wheelie bins will solve my waste management problems, then think again.

Wheelie bins are meant to serve 5 key purposes:

  • Make rubbish handling more efficient
  • Promote healthier conditions for our staff
  • Promote the safety of our staff
  • Promote less littering
  • Manage landfill-bound waste more efficiently

To keep up with these five essential points, normal office waste removal companies, only collect rubbish placed in the wheelie bins. Most of the waste produced within homes is recyclable. Any excess waste from households is the responsibility of the respective home. Households are expected to adhere to safety and legal parameters, when it comes to waste management.

You should deliver any refuse that does not fit in the bin to a local recycling centre. Alternatively, you can leave the collection to our bulk waste collection service. They will handle items that you cannot recycle or fit in bins and refuse boxes.

In a day, a reliable contractor could can handle up to 25 collections. You should ask if they can safely recycle what they collect, and provide additional safe disposal for refuse that cannot be recycled, if you are environmentally minded.

Do Rubbish Removal Companies Collect Food Waste?

Did you know that we only consume two-thirds of food? The remaining one third ends up as waste. Wormeries, compost companies, and food composters use this food and garden waste to make compost.

Despite our job description, our service does not include the direct collection of household food waste. This is due to the complexity of collection methods involved. Home units take up about 33% of the housing infrastructure in Sydney. Such a public housing system makes food waste collection difficult.

There are a few that factors to consider before implementing a scalable and affordable service for most Sydney councils, including;

  1. Participation rates
  2. Property types
  3. Cost/value analysis

These factors make it easier to design suitable city-based services. However, most councils are continually looking for more avenues for creating higher efficiencies.

Some councils provide compost bins at subsidised rates, thereby helping them composite at home. Inventive types and other lateral thinkers, are using environmentally-friendly kitchen containers to make home-based compost solutions.

We offer online advice through our website. You can find offers on composters, food waste digesters and wormeries when searching online at places like Additionally, you can search Google to find nearby communal compositing sites.

How Do I Dispose Of Garden Waste?

At the moment, we advise residents to make composite using garden waste. Googling other websites, you will find all the information you need to learn about compositing. There are amazing offers on composters, food waste digesters and wormeries.

To boost participation, some areas around Sydney are setting up garden waste collection areas. The garden waste is taken to a special facility and turned into compost. For an annual fee, some companiues offer collection services to individual residents who deposit their refuse in designated wheelie bins. This service runs every two weeks in these areas. Most council areas do however provide green waste wheelie bins for this type of refuse.

Rubbish Removal Service, Northern Beaches

What does cover and what are our guiding principles?

We collect regular household rubbish, office waste (including eWaste) and industrial waste or junk.

How much will I pay for residential rubbish removal? Just give us a call today on 0450 712 779 to organise an obligation free quote.

How Do I Pay For Rubbish Removal?

Our services run all year round and we accept credit card or cash at the time of pickup.

Do You Have Specific Pick Up Days?

We operate all year round, so you just pick the phone – call us – and we come at your convenience, unlike the local council clean-ups that only come once or twice per year. We aim to provide a safe, reliable and friendly service to our customers, to make their lives a little easier and their homes, offices or warehouses more liveable by making more space. With Sydney house and land values going (gone?) through the roof, you need to capitalise on this valuable resource, and having junk or waste lying around, taking up this valuable resource just doesn’t make sense.

When Should I Avail My Rubbish For Pick Up?

Pretty much anytime of day, we can come and remove your rubbish. Pick up hours range between 7 am, and 5 pm are how we work most days. To find out a suitable time for you, just give us a call. Times could change depending on current weather conditions, public works and other unavoidable circumstances.

What Schedule Should I Expect During The Holidays?

On certain holidays, we remain closed. These holidays include-

  • Longweekends
  • Labour Day
  • Good Friday
  • Christmas Day
  • Boxing Day
  • New Years Day

We have a system that ensures refuse collection even during some holidays. However, if a holiday affects your collection date, we will pick your rubbish the next day. This will only have an impact on the holiday week.

For instance, If the holiday is on a Monday, the collection will happen on Tuesday. If it falls on a Thursday, you should expect collection on Friday.

Household Items Rubbish Removal

Our homes can accumulate unwanted household items at an immense rate. Therefore, it is advisable to devise methods to make sure this type of rubbish does not pile up. are here to help with this continuous task.

For a lot of homeowners, the quickest way to dispose of household waste is to simply abandon it. This may seem like a good solution, but really it isn’t. How many times do you see unsightly dumped mattresses or furniture on the side of highways or parkways. People illegally dump stuff when they think no one else is looking. Some unscrupulous rubbish removal companies, that offer ridiculously low prices, usually do this type of rubbish removal. Highly unethical and not to mention illegal.

In some instances, we have to deal with unwanted household refuse left by the gutter by vacating homeowners. Other homeowners opt to dump their waste in the city landfills.

Though we take it all in our stride and deal with the issue, there are responsible steps that you can take. One of the best and most efficient steps is to contact and hire a reputable rubbish removal service. The company will take it upon itself to handle the unwanted household rubbish, as long as you choose someone like

What Household Items Qualify For Collection?

At One2Dump, we understand that you need to get rid of bulky household items at times. We know that it is an uphill task, and that is why we pride ourselves on a rich history of disposing of all your unwanted household rubbish, even large items that are difficult to handle.

For years, we have developed a network of trusting clients that depend on our service. We have a solid reputation within the communities in which we operate, and our clients continue to trust us to provide only top-notch rubbish collection and disposal services throughout Sydney and the Northern Beaches.

While working closely with the community, we have come up with a system that ensures a clean and seamless collection mechanism. We have compiled a list of items that qualify for collection and disposal.

These include armchairs, bed bases, carpets, cots, desks, dining tables, dressing tables, garden furniture or garden waste, highchairs, keyboards, play equipment, sideboards, underlay, workbench, bath (made of plastic material), bookcases, chest of drawers, cupboards, dining chairs, doors, fence panels, headboards, ironing boards, mattresses, pram/pushchairs, sofas, and wardrobes.

Are There Items That Do Not Qualify For Collection?

Yes, there are some items that do not meet the requisite parameters for collection. We came up with this list of things that do not qualify for collection after carefully assessing their nature and the level of danger they pose. Despite being part of household items, they compromise the safety of our staff, or they cannot be easily disposed of.

The following items are suitable for collection:

Bathroom suite – cast iron, builders waste, some commercial waste, dishwasher, fridge or freezer, greenhouse, oil drum, paint, piano, radiator, Rayburn cooker, water tank, bath – cast iron, boiler, car or motorbike parts, cooker (electric or gas), fish tank, gas bottle, hazardous waste, oil tank, pesticides, pond liner, range cooker, rubble or hardcore, and windows. If you are unsure, just give us a call and we can clarify what we do and cannot remove.

Unsuitable for collection:

Asbestos and asbestos building materials.

How Do I Reach You To Arrange For Waste Collection Services?

One2Dump have a dedicated team of customer service representatives ready to receive your call. Our friendly representatives will assist you in working out the best schedule for collection. We work with you to develop a collection schedule that causes you minimal inconvenience.

Once we reach an agreement on rubbish collection time, you can count on us to always be there at the designated time. One of our strong points is the ability to offer comprehensive household rubbish removal services. We always leave the collection point clean and ready for regular use.

If for any reason you cannot reach us through our direct line, you can use the equally reliable online contact form, found at the top of this page. On this form, you will need to enter general details about yourself such as your name, email and contact number. Using these details, you can rest assured our team will reach out to you as promptly as possible.

Homes & Garden Rubbish Clearance

Homeowners no longer need to worry about finding a reliable rubbish clearance company. One2Dump is a tried and tested rubbish removal partner to a vast network of homeowners. Other homeowners have put their trust in us to get rid of their rubbish effectively.

We have lot of experience handling residential waste and junk in Sydney. No load of rubbish is too big or too small for us to handle. One2Dump value customer satisfaction, and that’s why our services are quick and efficient when it comes to handling residential waste.

We understand that Sydney is a city that is always on the go. Household waste piles up rather quickly. The increasingly mobile residents and homeowners of Sydney can count on us to get rid of all their household waste. All it takes is a phone call to One2Dump to assist in cleaning up your accumulated household waste.

Make better use of household, garage and garden areas by getting rid of unwanted furniture, eco-waste and general supplies. Make sure you conduct a sweep of your property at least three times a year to keep tabs on the amounts of unwanted household items. Avoid hoarding. If you do not use household items for periods longer than a year, dispose of them. It is a simple rule, and can give you back a lot of currently wasted space around your home or office.

Clearing piled up junk opens up more spaces within your home. With minimal clutter around the house, garden and garage, you can maximise on space usage by taking up a hobby. In turn, this will create a relaxed and calm residential atmosphere.

A decluttered home improves you and your family’s health standards. Getting rid of household waste within and outside the home reduces moisture build-up and vermin infestation. You might notice your gardens looking better and the aura around your house becoming heavenly. are the cream of the crop in household waste removal services. Call 0450 712 779 and experience the best rubbish removal service in Sydney. We guarantee a clutter-free home.

What Are The Benefits Or Using Your Rubbish Removal Service?

1. Price-friendly

We came up with a money-saving strategy for you. We charge per cubic metre of rubbish and only ask to be paid for what we collect. We do not use the more expensive skip bin hiring option as it requires a client to pay for a bin whether it is full or underutilised. Our strategy saves you money and leaves your collection point clean for days.

2. Recycle

We also care about the environment. One2Dump sorts, recycles or up-cycles all the rubbish it collects. The waste is then taken to EPA-compliant centres. We also pass on usable goods to several worthwhile charities in the community where our support is much appreciated. When we come across usable rubbish, we give it to charities.

3. Convenience

Our extensive fleet of trucks covers the Sydney area delivering the best service. Any time you call, there is a truck ready to attend to your junk collection needs. Whenever we can, we strive to offer same day service.

4. Garden and Green Waste

These are the categories of garden and green rubbish:

  • Soil, gravel, sand
  • Paving, rocks
  • Trees, shrubs, grass, weeds
  • Decking materials, sheds, gazebos

Contact us to inquire about our Garden and Green Waste rubbish removal services in Sydney today, and we won’t disappoint.

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